VF Extrem Fireproof Shelter

The Fireproof Shelter with A1, B1 and C1 protection levels was designed to offer a high level of thermal insulation in extreme situations. Small design for interior use in the fetal position. Standard: EN ISO9151:1995, EN ISO11612:2010, EN ISO6942:2002

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The fireproof shelter with the least weight and volume on the market. Dimensions when folded out: 120x60x60 cm.


Due to the light weight of 1.35 Kg, the Extrem Fireproof Shelter can be carried in the Extreme Backpack. Removable without taking off the backpack. Dimensions when folded: 39x17x6 cm


Materials: aluminum, fiber and Tecstar. The composition provides better thermal insulation


The VF Extrem non-flammable shelter together with the VF Extrem air system provides a means of self-protection in a forest fire if trapped. Before deploying, the LACES protocol must be followed and a safe area outside the reach of any direct flames must be found. With the all-new textile layer configuration, the VF Extreme Shelter offers a higher protection and insulation level than other products on the market.

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