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Professionelle Ausrüstung für Feuerwehren zur Waldbrandbekämpfung

Vallfirest and MYSTERY RANCH join forces to revolutionize wildland firefighting in Europe

A pivotal alliance: Vallfirest and MYSTERY RANCH game-changer, elite backpacks for wildland firefighters in Europe.


Vallfirest has joined forces with MYSTERY RANCH, globally recognized for their top-tier wildland packs, in an exclusive partnership set to redefine Europe's approach to addressing wildfires.

Representing MYSTERY RANCH’s Wildland division in Europe, Vallfirest's collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the firefighting industry, combining Vallfirest's innovation commitment with MYSTERY RANCH's legacy of crafting top-quality wildland packs.


"Partnering with MYSTERY RANCH was a natural choice for us. Their dedication to creating exceptional gear perfectly aligns with our mission to empower firefighters with the best tools available," expressed Vallfirest's CEO, Javier Baena.



This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to equip firefighters with unparalleled equipment, tailored to handle the intensity of the most challenging firefighting scenarios. Through this partnership, both companies aim to enhance the capabilities of those on the frontlines, ensuring they have access to reliable and top-quality gear.

" MYSTERY RANCH builds the best load-bearing equipment in the world for the wildland fire environment. Our mission is to solve problems and ensure that we are assisting in keeping wildland personnel as comfortable as possible in uncomfortable situations. This partnership with Vallfirest ensures that we are able to continue to assist in the response to the growing global threat of wildfire, and the global need for increased management and intentional fire." stated MYSTERY RANCH's Fire Program Manager, Luke Mayfield.


This collaboration exemplifies a shared vision: to revolutionize wildland firefighting in Europe by combining expertise, innovation, and a persistent dedication to empowering those who protect our communities and natural landscapes.


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