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Equipamentos profissionais para bombeiros florestais


Ferramentas Pulaski para Bombeiros Florestais

Council tool pulaski axes
Council tool pulaski axe. Combination grub hoe/axe manufactured according to the USFS specifications.
Magnum Pulaski tool
Magnum pulaski fire tool. There is something drastically wrong with having fire fighters bent over trying to dig line with a 3 inch grub-hoe at the end of a 34 inch handle. So, we have built a better Pulaski - designed to last an entire career. *Handle not included.
BLM Smokejumper Kit
Three piece kit: primary Troop Tool head with a secondary Magnum Pulaski cutting head plus the Universal Handle. Makes the perfect set if capabilities to have one person always armed with the right tool to address most all ever changing chores on fires in the Temperate Forests. This three-piece tool kit includes Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool.
Universal Wildfire Tool Kit
Simply adds a swatter to the Smokejumper Kit to make fire fighter able to swat out fast moving grass fires. Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool and choice of Dragon Swatter or Tony Pad Swatter.