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Let's turn Black Friday into Green Friday!

From the 27th to the 29th of November we will donate the 50% of each online purchase to NGO’s and environmental projects


Again this year, at Vallfirest we say NO to Black Friday. 

What is wrong with Black Friday Sales? It promotes actions that are against sustainability, a circular economy, responsibe consumption and caring for the environment. At a time of climate emergency that is causing forest fires to be increasingly changeable and devastating, we renew our commitment to the planet and emergency forces, whose mission is to protect society and forest ecosystems from the negative effects of the wildfires.


3 Reasons why we won't do the Black Friday Sales:

  • Black Friday encourages impulsive buying. The big offers may be seen as a gain for costumers, but the transience of the discount prompts to rush decisions, causing lots of frantic and often needless spending. This is not the Responsable, Ethical and Critical consume that we stand for.
  • Black Friday is seductive, but it is harming for the environment.


  • We want to have a positive impact on society for that, we want to celebrate the Green Friday, a sustainable alternative that enhances healthy values for humanity and environment.  


David against Goliath, from irrational consuming to cooperation

Green Friday was born to fight against irrational consusmerism. An environmental initiative that encourages reconnecting with nature through sports, spending time with family and friends and investing in worthwhile causes either through financial contributions or by donating time to help those in need (from consuming to giving).


From the 27th to the 29th of November, we open a Green Friday Fund: we will give the 50% of each purchase to NGOs and environmental projects. 


Our future depends on what we do today. Let's turn Black Friday into Green Friday!