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Leo Aerial and Vallfirest will present the Leo System at the Aerial Firefighting Conference of Nîmes

Leo Aerial and Vallfirest are ready to present the Leo System at the Aerial Firefighting Conference of Nîmes

The incorporation of new devices in the firefighting field defends an evolution in the extinguishing operations. From optimised tools to pumps, foam systems and satellite modeling technologies, ground squads have improved significantly their equipment, performance and efficency, but have we really changed that much in the aerial means? The discharge of water as it currently is performed doesn’t differ much from the original firefighting by “throwing water from buckets”. Foam has been added, yet its use is still very primitive, unable to create homogenous expand mixtures to take full advantage of its properties as an extinguishing agent. Water discharge systems by gravity have not evolved in 30 years and no longer meet the needs of the current fires.

After 5 years of research and development, Leo Aerial and Vallfirest are ready to present the Leo System, a new generation of fire extinction device for helicopters that takes aerial firefighting to a new level.

Pilot-controlled discharge and mixing rate

LEO enhances any fire attack generating a completely expanded and homogeneous Class A foam. Helicopter pilot have full authority over the LEO SYSTEM with a simple and ergonomic lever on the cyclic controlling flow and pressure as well as pausing and restarting foam applications as desired. LEO is equipped with a SMART RELEASE SYSTEM giving the pilot the chance to drop part of the water in case of being overweight or lack of power, or release the total load of water.

Advantages from LEO

  • Fast filling by immersion within 3 seconds.
  • Pilot full authority.
  • Operates with class A foam concentrate, which can soak solid fuels up to 20 times faster than untreated water.
  • High Surface area application and high visibility.
  • Not hazardous for firefighter personnel.
  • Anchoring maneuvers without overlaps between discharges.

A multi-purpose device with multiple filling systems

The Leo System can be filled in seas, lakes, reservoirs, moisturizers, fire tracks and cisterns. The discharges are precise and do not endanger the ground squads, that can keep on doing extinguishing tasks simultaneously. Allows multi-attack: direct fight, parallel fights, to flank the perimeter when the intensity of the fire does not allow a greater proximity, and indirect fights, to ensure the fire put out.


  • Duration of foam application up to 60 sec.
  • Mixing rate: 0.1% wetting agent – 0.5% foam.
  • Maximum flow up to 1600 l/min.
  • Pressure up to 6 bar.

More effective with less water, a commitment to sustainability

LEO involves great water saving. From the cabin, the pilot is able to control the amount of foam concentrate in the mixture (from 0.1% wetting agent to 0.5% foam) and the pressure and direction of the flow, adapting it to the fire field with effective density and without water loss by drainage. The agent type used (Class A) is biodegradable (no fluorinated, halogenated or PBT derivatives).

Take advantage of every drop with the Leo System.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 1.2 m. l Height 1.7 m.
Empty weight 240 kg.
Water capacity 800 l.
Foam agent capacity 80 l.
Foam agent type Class A
Mixing rate 0.1% wetting agent - 0.5% foam
Biodegradable No fluorinated, halogenated or PBT derivatives
Filling time 3 seconds
Foam discharge time 30 - 60 seconds
Water discharge Total or partial
Pressure 2 - 6 bar
Engine 4-stroke Gasoline
Fuel tank 7 l.


If you want to know more about the Leo System, we will be at the Aerial Firefighting Conference of Nîmes, from the 18th to the 20th of May. You may find us at Booth 142!

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