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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

Fire swatters

Fire swatters forestry tools

Fire Swatter Alaska
Extendable Fire Swatter Alaska, with elastic and telescopic handle up to 2 meters
Fire Swatter VF

The all-new compact fire swatter with an elastic, telescopic handle that extends to 2 meters

Basic fire swatter
Basic fire swatter.
Removable fire swatter
Removable fire swatter.
Dragon Swatter
This is light and comfortable to use. The fire fighter's face is a long way from the flames, and his back is upright. Soft and ergonomic, the fact that using this tools is a pleasure.
Universal Wildfire Tool Kit
Simply adds a swatter to the Smokejumper Kit to make fire fighter able to swat out fast moving grass fires. Universal Handle, Magnum Pulaski, Troop Tool and choice of Dragon Swatter or Tony Pad Swatter.