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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters


  • 2021/07/01
    The Wildfire Diaries is an audiovisual series designed for social media. In a direct narrative format, each episode provides insight into the experience of a wildfire professional. The project aims to build bridges between the community of wildland firefighters and pool everything individually learned, to enrich our collective knowledge. A Vallfirest production.
  • 2021/06/22
    A step by step guide on how to start operating with the BH4 portable fire pump, and get the most out of your equipment. Follow our tips to learn how to avoid any cavitation or damage on the pump. Mastering the art of choosing the right equipment for your fire suppression operations is essential, but knowing how to set up and entertain your machinery and gears is equally important.
  • 2021/06/21
    A step by step guide on how to start operating with the BP4 portable fire pump, and get the most out of your equipment. Follow our tips to learn how to avoid any cavitation or damage on the pump. Mastering the art of choosing the right equipment for your fire suppression operations is essential, but knowing how to set up and entertain your machinery and gears is equally important.
  • 2021/06/17
    Vallfirest presents the vft pumps family, a new range of portable high pressure fire pumps for wildland fires. Light, powerful, efficient and highly durable motor pumps, manufactured in Europe with materials of the highest quality and EN Certification. The Black Line Series includes the Black Phanter 4 (up to 26.5 bar and 380 l / min), the Black Hawk 1 (up to 6.9 bar pressure and 280 l / min maximum flow) and the Black Hawk 4 (up to 28.8 bar and 397 l / min maximum pressure and flow).
  • 2021/05/25
    Astrea Materials and Vallfirest have been invited to present their new CO filter at the Fire Safety Summit Human Dimensions Conference in the USA. A gold nanoparticle filtration formula that is the result of 15 years of research and industrial development. The result is a long-lasting CO filter capable of removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, VOC, and NOx to protect firefighters from the most dangerous contaminants in a wildfire.
  • 2021/05/19
    Wildland fires are becoming faster, more unpredictable and more devastating. The Tactical Unit module can be used to implement a number of attack strategies adapted to the various scenarios that can occur in a wildland operation. A fire truck with a box of tools and an unbeatable off-road performance to reach remote areas. It can transport the Dronster emergency robot, a Heliskid, portable fire pumps, flexible tanks, tools, PPE, self-protection equipment and accessories.
  • 2021/05/03
    Portable motor pumps are essential tools for wildland fire management and extinction. This article offers a decalogue of usage situations (surface fires, underground fires and entrapment situations during wildland fires) as well as a series of extinguishing maneuvers so you can get the most out of your extinguishing equipment (series and parallel configurations in addition to combined maneuvers).
  • 2021/03/19
    We speak with Andrea Duane, postdoctoral reasearcher at CTFC (Forest Technology Center of Catalonia) and associated with CREAF (Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications). She has dedicated the last 8 years to studying wildfire behavior. She uses numerical ecology to predict fires and their supression probability at medium and long-term bases. She has improved Lluís Brotons' Medfire simulation model and ensures that the sixth generation of wildfires will reach the north of the peninsula in the next 30 years.
  • 2021/03/11
    Anna Tortosa Molina survived an entrapment situation when she was 10 years old. That experience marked her professional choice. An engineer and forest firefighter, she has been through almost every position in a firefighting core; she has been a volunteer, reinforcement, heliborne unit technician, communications operator, fire engine driver, specialist and unit chief. She has performed prescribed burns with the Karuk and Yurok native americane tribes, in California, and has participated in several TREX events. In 2011 she began combining training with wildland firefighting. Today she is a training manager at SGISE, in the Valencian Community.
  • 2021/02/24
    Vallfirest will develop Carbon Monoxide (CO) and heat stroke sensors for wildland firefighters within the framework of the RESPOND-A project, a European Union emergency research and innovation program. These device, which will be integrated into the PPE, to detect CO concentration levels and exposure time (in order to allow the estimated calculation of COHb -Carboxyhemoglobin- in blood), as well as body temperature, humidity levels and heart rate for heat stroke control. Data transmission will take place in real time by land or satellite to the command centers.
  • 2021/02/01
    New Xtreme Mask, the latest advance in respiratory protection for wildland firefighters. A multipurpose device that offers a complete protection of the face and the face and respiratory tract against all types of particles and vapors. Half mask with two exhalation valves, possibility to adjust a particle P3 R filter or a multigas ABEK1P3 R filter. Respiratory comfort with a high level of protection.
  • 2021/02/01
    Vallfirest obtains the Innovative SME seal, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, to recognize the effort and investment in R & D & I.
  • 2021/01/26
    Top 5 Wildfire Smoke Hazards: particles, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulfur and Benzene. Measurements of exposure and risks for wildland firefighters health.
  • 2021/01/19
    Vallfirest donates the Solidarity Fund raised last Green Friday to help finance the Pau Costa Foundation's project 'Ramats de Foc'. An initiative that combines silvopastoralism and fire risk management.
  • 2020/11/26
    At Vallfirest we say NO to Black Friday Sales, which promote actions against sustainability, the circular economy, responsible consumption and caring for the environment. At a time of climate emergency that is making wildfires increasingly changeable and devastating, we renew our commitment to the planet and emergency responders by celebrating the Green Friday. From the 27th to the 29th of November we will donate the 50% of our sales to NGOs and biodiversity projects.
  • 2020/10/06
    Vallfirest opens a photo contest to promote talent and create community among vft users. Participants will be able to send their photos between October the 10th and February the 28th, through social networks or by email. The winning person will receive a vft Xtreme Pack, the most complete forestry backpack.
  • 2020/09/25
    A scientific study conducted by the Manchester Metropolitan University proves the effectiveness of the De-wipe decontaminating wipes. The results are overwhelmingly positive indicating De-wipe as the only biodegradable after fire decontamination wipe to remove from skin the most harmful cancer-inducing dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced during fire.
  • 2020/09/21
    The worst environmental pollutants are present in forest fires. Some toxic substances pass through the skin in amounts similar to those that pass through the lungs. We talked about how to protect and decontaminate the skin after a forestry operation, with Doctor Miguel Sánchez Viera, director of the Integral Dermatology Institute (IDEI).
  • 2020/09/01
    Climate change is creating a situation where there could be ignitions in places where fires are not common. We talk about Europe's 2020 fire season with the Copernicus monitoring expert, Mark Parrington.
  • 2020/08/26
    Tools and maneuvers to manage a new generation of wildfires. 2020's fire season in the UK has been unprecedented, affecting all corners of the country. We talk with Craig Hope, Wildfire Officer and Station Manager for the stations of Aberdare and Hirwaun in South Wales. For the last 13 years, he has been heavily involved in the Wildfire project. This includes introducing specialised off-road vehicles, fire fogging systems, risk specific PPE, new tactics and training, prescribed and tactical fire use and procedures for working with observation and firefighting helicopters.
  • 2020/08/18
    Tactics and strategies to manage a new generation of wildfires. 2020's fire season in the UK has been unprecedented, affecting all corners of the country. We talk about wildfires in the UK with Shaun Walton, group manager in Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.
  • 2020/06/30
    New Vallfirest packaging with a modern design and 100% recyclable. A joint effort made in a coordinated way from the design and production departments to reduce our environmental impact.
  • 2020/06/04
    An unprecedented summer is approaching, witness of a pulse between two forces of nature advancing to collide. The fire campaign in the northern hemisphere is expected to be intense and the global pandemic of covid-19 still poses a threat to emergency departments. Numerous studies suggest that inhaling polluting particles derived from smoke from forest fires puts forest firefighters at greater risk from the virus. How can they protect themselves? The competent authorities study a tactical change in fire fighting.
  • 2020/05/13
    PPEs, forest management and climate change. We talk about wildfires in Spain, with Ignacio Villaverde.
  • 2020/03/20
    Spring begins. he beginning of the year 2020 has been characterized by an increase in temperatures that has registered record figures in each continent, without exception. How will this affect the fire season? We explain it in this article.
  • 2020/02/12
    The great international event of the integral security sector organized by IFEMA is coming back. From the 25th to the 28th of February,Madrid will be hosting SICUR 2020 and Vallfirest will be present leading the solutions for wildland firefighting. Come meet our professional equipement for wildland firefighters.
  • 2020/01/07
    2019 has been a year of great wildland fires. Our highly loaded landscapes are a serious problem but the trigger is the climate crisis. Pyro phenomena like fire storms have entered the scene to stay. Are we ready for 2020?
  • 2018/11/12
    See you in SENABOM (Brazil).The national firefighters seminar will take place in Foz de Iguaçu from November 21 to 23
  • 2018/11/05
    How to choose a high pressure skid unit? Choose the best option and setup your skid unit with the most suitable water pump
  • 2018/09/03
    the Fire Department of the city of Quito (Ecuador) will receive two new Heliskid units.
  • 2017/11/28
    If you want to discover Vallfirest latest developments and innovations, we will be waiting for you at SICUR 2018 at IFEMA (Feria de Madrid, Avda del Partenón, 5 28042 Madrid) Pavilion 8 stand 8D09 from 20th to 23rd February.
  • 2017/05/09
    Celebrate with us the Wildland Firefighter Day and participate in the Vallfirest Awards 2017 / 2018
  • 2017/03/16
    Now available the new catalog Vallfirest with all products and developments.
  • 2016/05/31
    Vallfirest will be present from juny 9th to 11th in the 11th edition of the International Exhibition of Fire Protection and Rescue (EDURA) to be held in Poland.
  • 2015/12/11
    Vallfirest will be present from February 23th to 26th in the netx edition of the International Security, Safety and Fire exhibition to be held in Madrid
  • 2015/09/22
    Vallfirest will be present from October 12th to 16th October in the sixth edition of the International Wildland Fire Conference to be held in Korea.
  • 2015/06/08
    Firefighters and rescue services from around the world meet from June 8th to 13th 2015 at the International Exhibition INTERSCHUTZ (Hannover-Germany)
  • 2015/06/08
    The new fire fighter helmet VF1 designed for wildland fire it's now available.
  • 2015/05/08
    Visit us from the 20th to 23th of May at the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition ISSE 2014 in Moscow (Russia).
  • 2014/01/27
    If you want to know the latest news in professional equipment for wildland firefighters, you will find us from the 25th to 28th of February at the 19th edition of the International Exhibition Security SICUR 2014 in Madrid.