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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters
Drip Torch 1L PE
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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

Vallfirest, The Wildfire Company

Vallfirest is a reference manufacturer of equipment, tools and solutions for wildland firefighting.

In the last years wildfires have been evolving in intensity and speed, creating more and more problems to the existing extinction systems. The great wildfires that have taken place in recent years requires new strategies, new tactics and new equipment’s and tools.

At Vallfirest we work hand by hand with analysts and industry professionals from all over the world, who transmit their needs and experiences to us. This continuous flow of information, helps us to optimize the existing tools and develop more disruptive and better tools, machinery and equipment’s that allow us to act more efficiently and effectively and, above all, allow us to better protect our society and the forestry ecosystems.

The world is facing the wildfires of the 21st century and we work every day to provide Innovative Solutions for Wildland Firefighting.

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vft1 Wildland Fire Helmet

The Wildland Fire Helmet vft1 has a wraparound, modern and versatile design that allows the attachment of multiple accessories adapting to the needs of the most demanding operations.
Standards: EN16471, EN16473, EN 12492, EN 397, EN 443 and EN 1385.


The multi-purpose tool Gorgui is designed exclusively for wildland fire fighting. It was created out of the experience and needs of firefighting brigades with the greatest of experience using manual tools. The main feature is the versatility on all types of ground. The innovative design has made it possible to replace the 3 most commonly used tools in widland firefighting with just one to avoid carrying so many different tools. 

Backpack pump vft PRO 20L

The Backpack pump vft PRO 20L is the most complete water pack designed to be used for various operations. It is a reflection of extensive experience in body mechanics, load transfer and ergonomics. Now, with an all-new and improved design, it’s also the most versatile water pack, offering maximum performance along with the comfort and safety needed to handle long days of wildfire fighting.

Xtreme Mask

The vft Xtreme Mask offers a complete protection of the face and respiratory tract avoiding the inhalation of contaminant particles, gases and vapors. A multipurpose device that allows to continue working under extreme conditions. 

Standards: EN ISO 11612:2015, EN ISO 13688:2013, EN 15614:2007, EN 140:19998, EN 143:2004+A1:2006.

Xtreme Boots

Designed for walking on irregular and steep wildland under the most extreme conditions. The all-new Xtreme Boots are changing everything in wildland firefighting footwear. From high mountains to boggy lands using technical fire or carrying water hoses. Days sometimes lasting more than 24 hours.... The new Xtreme Boots have been tested for 3 years by men and women in different scenarios and roles, in order to obtain the best boot for wildland fires.

These boots offer the agility and comfort of hiking boots in addition to the necessary protection against fire and heat. Certified under the UNE-EN 15090:2012 standard for fire-fighting footwear.

Self-protection systems

Designed to protect people and goods threatened in emergency situations due to wildland fires either because of an eruption of fires in urban areas or entrapment situations during extinguishing operations.