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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

Fire hose nozzles

Hose nozzles for fire fighters

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Fire Hose Nozzle Viper SG 3012


  • Launches firefighters with four selectable flow rates.
  • Additional purge-cleaning position.
  • Individually tested and calibrated lances.
  • 110º protection curtain.
  • Great jet and mist quality.
  • UNE 23400 connection incorporated.
  • Ergonomic handle with great comfortable and secure hold.
  • Excellent behavior in extreme conditions.
  • Easy maintenance. Strong and durable.
  • Compatible with complete foam expander
Fire Hose Nozzle SG 540 vft
  • Wildland Fire Hose Nozzle with selectable flow: four flows @ 7 bar.
  • Additional purge-cleaning position.
  • Nozzle tested and calibrated individually.
  • New design. Designed to work even at 30 bar.
  • Light package: approximately 1,250 grams.
  • Great quality of jet and fog, even at small flow rates (19 liters / min).
  • UNE 23400 fixed connection incorporated (optional rotary).
  • Ergonomic handle with a great comfortable and secure grip.
  • Good behavior in extreme conditions.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Resistant and durable
  • Perfect to work at low pressures and small flow rate.
Accessories and spare parts for nozzles
Accessories and spare parts for nozzles. Shop online or request more information. Any doubts? Get an expert advice from our team. Worldwide shipping.