Extinguisher backpack pump Vallfirest

The Vallfirest backpack pump marks progress in professional and ergonomic equipment, leading to greater worker performance and better crew operation when combining the use of backpacks with manual tools.

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Ergonomic Backpack

Flexible backpack pump with protected tank, personalized belt and padded straps. Designed to improve confort and to make the work easier.

Double assistance strap

Double assistance strap for loads. Orange Cordura 1000, high visibility, reflective tapes.

Output valve

Output valve with 360º system to work from both the right and the left with the same ease.

Cushioned shoulder and waist

Cushioned shoulder and waist cinches, ergonomic and high-visibility orange colour. Attachment strap for the chest.

Double load adjustment on shoulders to balance the center of gravity and distribute weight over waist and shoulders.  

Double-piston lance

Double-piston lance, continuous stream; 8 liter-per-minute performance; maximum 12m distance; mist and stream options and flexible Cordura backpack with interior interchangeable canvas tank with 20 liter capacity. 

Holder tool system

Multi-velcro tool and lance-holder system: transports Pulasky tools and telescopic fire swatters.

This allows one's hands to remain free while moving. Pocket and belt with Alice Clip system for accessories.


Pocket to carry extra gear or the VF Standar Shelter

Data sheet

Capacity: 20 Liters | Weight: 2.54 Kg 

Size: 62 x 48 x 5 cm

Backpack weight: 1.48 Kg | Lance weight: 1.06 Kg

Hose longitude: 1 m

Backpack materials: Cordura 1000, water tank 100% Polyester H.T. 110 dtex


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