Wildland fire helmet VF2

The new wildland fire helmet VF2 with Standard EN16471, EN16473, EN 12492, EN 397 and EN 443 has been designed to meet the needs of entities taking action in forest fires, providing a high level of protection and versatility with a multitude of accessories, and a modern, differentiated aesthetic image.

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Visor protection

The helmet is manufactured with one sole PC/ABS part, without added paint. It has a more modern design line, providing better lateral protection


The VF2 offers greater back protection due to the structural design of the crown and back ring. The lengthwise crown of the VF2 is not only aesthetic, but is also the element that offers greatest protection from impact

Configurable visor

The VF2 is the only helmet on the market that has two different combined colors. The visor may be configured with colors to match the helmet color (take several photos here). Its visor provides protection against liquids coming from aerial discharges with flame retardant.

Interior harness multi-size

The interior harness is multi-size design, XS to XL. It has a roulette adjustment system along with breathable cushioned fabrics, making for a completely ergonomic and comfortable harness.

New fire-resistant chin strap

The new fire-resistant chin strap is the latest improvement in ergonomics, with 6 adjustment and regulation points. The leather chin accessory may be donned and doffed according to individual taste.

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