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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

vft hose Carrying Backpack

It becomes a really comfortable backpack for carrying heavy loads.

A backpack designed to help fire brigades carry hoses and other heavy loads such as motor pumps, water tanks and other elements needed to extinguish wildland fires. The ergonomic design, which is inspired by the mountain backpack load system, and padded harness make carrying heavy items comfortable. It features a size adjustment system to be adapted to different heights as well as a padded belt with reinforcement to help support the weight on the waist.

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Aluminum structure covered by an all-new and unique cushioning to protect the shoulders, back and waist.


Belt available in up to 5 sizes. Can be adapted to each individual's size


Reinforced with an aluminum structure and fully covered in cushioned fabric.


Capacity for four 25 m hoses. With a front opening, it allows a colleague to unload the hoses one by one without needing to take the backpack off the back. The canvas flap allows the backpack to be fully closed. Thus, the hoses can be loaded in rolls, clothing, food, beverages, helmets or other accessories. Removing the canvas bag from the structure allows you to carry heavy loads such as fuel tanks or motor pumps.


Due to the progressive anchoring system, you can unload the hoses without the other elements moving or falling. This allows for effective and risk-free work.


The upper part of the structure is cushion-reinforced. It protects the nape of the neck from any impact. Grab system on the bottom of the back. This accessory means the backpack can be taken off and put on a colleague's back in addition to easier loading and unloading in vehicles


Your position in the forest will be visible 360°

How to use the Hose Carrying Backpack

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