Multifunctional tool Gorgui Classic

Gorgui Classic: a multi-function tool that is lighter and more compact than its sister, Gorgui V.2. New functions, cut and stripping rake.

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Multi-function cutting blade

Multi-function cutting blade adapted to Mc Leod USFS handles, with removable head. 

4mm anti-wear material. 500HB hardness. 

Ergonomic handle

1.25 m ergonomic eucalyptus handle with variation in diameter for different functions. 


Front digging function with attack radius to favor cutting/stripping.

Sharpening angles

Different sharpening angles for the varied cutting and digging functions. 

Removable head

The Gorgui Classic has a removable head for better tool transportation. 

Wood handle for better absorption and distribution of impact with conical head. Weight: 1.36 kg.

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