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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

Self protection

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Portable water defense system SIDEINFO

Operation parameters:

  • Minimum flow rate: 135 l/min. Maximum flow rate: 858 l/min.
  • Range: 21 to 41 meters (depending on the supplied pressure to the system).
  • Protected area: 1,900 to 6,400 m2 per unit.
  • Optimal working pressure: 2.5 to 4 atm. Upper load limit: 7 atmospheres.
  • Rotation capacity: 360º. Average full rotation time: 40 seconds.
  • Connection options to hydrant, pool, reservoir, fire truck, and/or motor pump.
  • Possibility of use with retardant and wetting additive.


Specifications and measurements of the cannon:

Color: Green.
Finish: Thermal lacquer.
Materials: Aluminum, brass, resins, and stainless steel.

  • Height (cm): 45.00
  • Length (cm): 67.00
  • Width (cm): 12.00
  • Weight (kg): 4.6


Specifications and measurements of the tripod:

Colour: Red.
Finish: Thermal lacquer.
Materials: Galvanized aluminium and brass, resins, and stainless steel.
Measurements (folded):

  • Height (cm): 135.00
  • Length (cm): 90.00
  • Width (cm): 40.00
  • Weight (kg): 20
  • Barcelona or Storz type coupling.
WUI - Protect portable version for pools 90


  • HGR90 pump
  • HONDA GX-160 5.5 CV 3600rpm engine
  • Self-wrapping manual start
  • Maximum pressure 9BAR (9kg / cm2)
  • Maximum flow 320l / min.
  • Trolley chassis entirely in stainless steel.


The Kit is composed of:

  • Winder with anti-twist fixer (with capacity for 40 meters of hose)
  • Piece of 20 meters of 25mm flat hose (professional firefighters, 40 BAR) fitted with BCN 25
  • Domestic lance with jet type regulation (long spray range).
  • 5 m suction hose with quick connection to the pump and filter at the inlet
Self-protection nozzle vft

This model`s water drops are lightweight and their diameter is smaller in order to reach greater heat absorption.

When the water passes through the coupling and the stainless steel cylinder, it hits against the frontal cycloid-shaped shield, so that the small slot between the cylinder and the shield allows the stream to pour out, creating a protective shade of water.

The volume of water poured out and the formation of the shade of water depend directly on the water pressure. In this case, as we are working with a high-pressure and low-consumption nozzle, the optimal working pressure is between 20 and 22 bar with the consumption of 120 l/m.


  • Cycloid-shaped shield: diameter of 25, maximum working pressure up to 35 bar.
  • Coupling Barcelona according to UNE 23400.
  • Y-shaped particle filter with stainless steel mesh.
  • Semicircular yellow reflecting high visibility sticker.

Instructions for use:

  • The nozzle should be connected to a hose and placed on flat ground
  • It should work under the range of pressure as indicated above.
  • The water is thrown out making up a half-moon-shaped shade of water.
Fireproof blankets pack

Vallfirest company has developed a pack of fire blankets adaptable to all sorts of light vehicles and trucks used for fire extinction works. This kit aims to reach the thermal insulation inside the vehicle cabin while it remains trapped in a forest fire.

This system is much more effective if it is used together with external sprinkler kits in order to avoid glass breakage, as well as with the respiration units inside the vehicle.

The past accidents and the tests realized all over the world have shown us the way to follow in order to improve the self-protection equipment. It is known that the temperature inside the vehicle cabin is lower that outside, so that if insulating blankets are used, the thermal conditions are improved and it is possible for human beings to remain more time in safe conditions despite of the extreme conditions outside.

The insulating and fire blankets pack can be applied in any kind of vehicle used for fire extinction. It is easily mountable and replaceable from one vehicle to another if the substitution is needed. This kit is single-use in case of direct flame impact. It is designed and adapted according to different sizes of different vehicles.

Technical information:

  • Composed of three layers.
  • External layer: Aluminium.
  • Intermediate layer: Basalt fibre.
  • Internal layer: Poliacrilato fibre (TECSTAR).


  • Working temperature up to 1100ºC (1200ºC at some peaks)
  • Fireproof material according to DIN 4102 with normative against fire BS 476.
  • Flashpoint :+ 1200ºC.
  • Melting point: +1450-1650ºC.


  • Thermal shock >300ºC.
  • Auto ignition 435ºC at 100% O
  • Temperature of continuous work: 260ºC


  • ISO 9151:2016
  • ISO 6942:2002
  • ISO 11612:2015


WUI - Protect portable version for pools 180


  • 2RD 50/13 pump
  • HONDA GX-390 13 CV 3600rpm engine
  • Surround manual start
  • Maximum pressure 18BAR (18kg / cm2)
  • Maximum flow 280l / min.
  • Trolley chassis entirely in stainless steel.

The Kit is composed of:

  • Winder with anti-twist fixer (with capacity for 40 meters of hose)
  • 2 Pieces of 20 meters of 25mm flat hose (professional firefighters, 40 BAR) with BCN 25 fittings (40 meters in total)
  • Professional lance with adjustable flow rate, 20-50-100-150 lit / m and long-range fan and spray jet type.
  • Fast and effective manual pump for priming (in stainless steel)
  • 5 m suction hose with quick connection to the pump and filter at the inlet
  • Priming instructions always in sight.