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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

The vft Green Fund will help finance the Pau Costa Foundation's project 'Ramats de Foc'

Vallfirest donates the Solidarity Fund to an initiative that combines silvopastoralism and fire risk management


Ramats de Foc (FireFlocks), from the Pau Costa Foundation, is the project chosen by Vallfirest to receive the money raised last Green Friday.


vft Green Fund

This year in Vallfirest we again said NO to Black Friday (a holiday that promotes actions that go against sustainability, the circular economy, responsible consumption and the care of the environment) and YES to Green Friday, an ecological initiative that encourages reconnecting with nature and encouraging solidarity initiatives (give instead of consume). For this reason, we created the vft Green Fund, a Solidarity Fund resulting from 50% of online sales of Vallfirest products between November 27th and 29th.

The money raised (amounting to €300) will be donated entirely to the Ramats de Foc project of the Pau Costa Foundation.

Ramats de Foc, Shepherds of the Twenty-First Century

A project founded in 2016 that combines silvopastoralism and fire prevention through grazing in forest areas. It is currently composed of a total of 18 shepherds who participate in the management of about 500 hectares in the Province of Girona. The Pau Costa Foundation aims to expand the project to other communities and territories in the future.The Fire Flocks seal favors the continuity of livestock activity in the territory, creating and maintaining fire-adapted landscapes that avoid large forest fires.

EMAS Award for best tandem project

Ramats de Foc received an Emas Award in 2018 for the best tandem project, an award given jointly to all the architects of this plan that combines circular economy and sustainability; butchers and delicatessens-artisans of the region of Girona, the Pau Costa Foundation, Graf fire management bodies, Shepherd farms and the Mas Pi restaurant in Verges. All together are part of this cooperation project for fire prevention by ensuring grazing in the forest and the marketing of meat and dairy products.

Another way to help

Derived from this initiative are born meat and lactic products with the Fire Flocks Seal. Gastronomy of quality, and proximity helps in the preservation of our forests. A value chain to keep alive the flame of extensive livestock in the Mediterranean forests. You can find them on this map