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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

Vallfirest will support the Waldbrand Klima Resilience project for the prevention of great forest fires in Germany

WKR is a training project that aims to provide knowledge to German fire brigades and establish a social awareness plan


Climate crisis and its consequences on forest ecosystems are beginning to affect Germany more quickly and forcefully than expected. The 2018 wildfire season was a clear indicator of change.

This phenomenon is new for most of the Germanic territory, whose emergency forces have very little experience and knowledge about forest fire management. In order to improve the knowledge and training of the volunteer fire brigades, the WKR (Waldfire Klima Resilience) project proposes a practical training project, theoretical modules and a social awareness plan for the prevention and extinction of fires foresters in Germany.


The main lines of work established by WKR are:

  • The creation of training modules in sync with international frameworks.
  • Prevention of large fires through forestry and plant fuel management in forest areas.
  • Encourage theoretical and practical exchange with experts at a European level.
  • Establish a national strategy for fighting forest fires from an inclusive and sustainable perspective.
  • The formulation of educational materials to help political entities understand the challenges posed by new fires.
  • Opening of new communication channels that contribute to social awareness.
  • Offer operational trainings, teaching how to use manual tools in indirect attacks, fighting fires with or without water, how to approach fires in urban interface, mapping the topography of different environments, promoting knowledge of fire management tactics, FireWise concepts and technology resources. Document and monitor preventive measures and their effects.
  • Establish a basis for cooperation between fire brigades and the different forest management agents. 

Vallfirest will support this project by providing equipment and tools for the prevention and extinction of forest fires.