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Professional equipment for wildland firefighters

4 Self-protection products for Firefighters

It is equipment that can save our lives.

We recently talked about how to protect homes or urbanized areas in the event of a Wildfire and, on this occasion, we would like to talk about the existing self-protection equipment to protect ourselves in an emergency or entrapment situation.


We would like to state that the use of these equipments (especially that of fireproof shelters) should NEVER give us a false sense of security. They are equipment that can save our lives, but not a guarantee that it will do so. The best tools remain situational awareness, knowledge, and following established security protocols.

We have 4 products:


The Xtreme Kit is the most complete professional self-protection equipment that exists. It is a set of 3 products designed as one, forming a kit that offers the forest firefighter complete self-protection equipment in case of entrapment.


  • Xtreme Pack: The most complete forestry backpack, specially designed to act in the most extreme conditions, offering firefighters greater comfort and versatility to carry out tasks of extinction and prevention of forest fires. The Xtreme Pack backpack has an ergonomic and breathable harness that distributes the weight of the different elements in an optimized way on the firefighter's torso. Its design offers complete freedom of movement, for agile work with manual tools. The belt has an integrated 2.8 liter hydration system, and has the Molle system that allows you to configure the accessories that each user needs.

  • Shelter: It is a fireproof shelter designed to protect life in situations of entrapment in a forest fire. Its composition is multi-layer with a protection level A1, B1 and C1, for complete insulation against radiant, convective and contact heat. Its design is based on use in the fetal position, thus increasing the protection of vital organs and reducing the volume and weight of the equipment for its transport. Two configurations available: XS17 and XS21.

  • Xtreme-K: The world's only emergency respirator created specifically for forest fires. Xtreme-K is a limited, single-use, closed circuit, Chemical Oxygen generator respirator. Designed for respiratory protection in case of emergency or entrapment. It is a survival device with an autonomy of no less than 20 minutes and has adjustable straps for use with or without a helmet. Low nasal profile mask, compatible with all types of glasses. The Xtreme-K does not need maintenance and has a great resistance to high temperatures.


Xtreme Mask: It is a multipurpose device designed for the complete protection of the face and respiratory tract, avoiding the inhalation of particles, gases and vapors. It offers maximum protection against particles and vapors and allows you to continue working safely in extreme situations. It includes a protective mask with a half mask and 2 P3 R particle filters. It is comfortable, light and compatible with the rest of the protective equipment. It adjusts quickly without having to remove the helmet thanks to its double velcro system with two positions: state of use or rest. The new adjustment bands that have been incorporated allow a direct and quick attachment to the helmet, distributing the load evenly.


There are two suggestions for use:


  • Combat (included) with a P3 R filter connected directly to the half mask, which protects against: Heat, humidity, radiation, incandescent particles, microparticles, nanoparticles, fumes, mists, aqueous dispersions, viruses, bacteria, enzymes and proteins.
  • Finishing and interface (optional) with an ABEK1Pr R filter connected directly to the half mask. In this case it protects from all of the above plus: presence of organic, inorganic, acid, amine and formaldehyde gases and vapors in slow combustion.

Self-protection Nozzle VFT: New evolved model of low consumption and high pressure, with hydraulic optimization. This new model reduces the weight and diameter of the water droplets for a greater capacity to absorb heat. As the water passes through the inside of the fitting and the body, it collides with the front shield that has a cycloidal shape, and through the upper slot that exists at the junction of the body and the shield, the water comes out forming a protective fan.

The volume of discharge and fan formation depends on the water pressure, in this case, as it is a high-pressure, low-consumption lance, the optimum working pressure is 20 to 22 bar with a consumption of 120 L/m.

25mm diameter lance, with semicircular screen with maximum working pressure (up to 35 bar) Barcelona or Storz fitting according to UNE 23400.

The device must be connected to a hose and placed on preferably flat ground, feeding it with water, at pressures not higher than those indicated.


Fireproof Blankets: In the event of entrapment in a forest fire, the chances of survival against the thermal shock of the fire front depend on the safety protocols that are carried out and the equipment that is available.

At Vallfirest we have developed a fire blanket kit adaptable to light vehicles and trucks used in firefighting. Its objective is thermal insulation inside the cabins during entrapment. They are made up of 3 layers: an external aluminum one, an intermediate one made of fiberglass and an internal one made of TECSTAR.
For its effectiveness to be maximum, it must be accompanied by external sprinkler equipment to prevent glass breakage and with the use of assisted breathing equipment inside the vehicle. These curtain kits are designed and made to measure for each vehicle, they are easy to assemble and can be replaced from one vehicle to another (same model) in case of replacement.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer them.